- World Show S. Gallen 2009 -

World Winner IC Otello D'Oltremare JW !!!!



Oltremare cattery has a third World Winner title!! Oltello D'Oltremare, proud son of already WW '06-'07 Michelangelo D'Oltremare!!

Thanks to the judges that voted him and that didn't care at all of the untrue motivations of someone else in order to not vote  him! :D

Michelangelo and Otello were also both Best in Variety!

 Micky has finished his championship carere and is now   SUPREME CHAMPION !!


Lisbona World Show 2008


nomination & BIV for  SW '08 CH Sandvretens Kosmos !

Otello was not very lucky... but we'll try again next year in CH   ;-)


Bratislava World Show 2007

WW '06 GIC Michelangelo D'Oltremare -  BIV, Nomination, BIS -  adult males  World Winner 2007 !!



Maastricht World Show 2006 


JW Michelangelo D'Oltremare -  BIV+WW kitten 6/10, Laksha D'Oltremare - BIV+Nomination, CH JW Coco Chanel's Constantin - BIV+Nomination,

CH Siau Tsj'oe Naughty Tortie - Nomination


  Micky  nearby the cages waiting for  the final Best in Show


Micky at the judge  Gianfranco Mantovani's table


Micky on the judges table during the Best in Show


Micky WW'06   6/10 months!

Micky togetehr with  WW'06 My Squaw of Warantharpa , WW'06 Los Califas Hatim, WW'06 Anatolian Mee Too  (pics by Angelika  Wehrmann - Sharifas cattery)

Big hug with Nicole Stohr of Gentle Mind  cattery, owner of the marvellous Massai of Gentle Mind, also nominated for the Best in Show

Relaxing time!


Biella World Show 2005


Laksha D'Oltremare - BIV+Nomination , Leroy D'Oltremare - Nomination, Luxor D'Oltremare - Nomination, Bua Luang Fidji - Nomination