Have you ever been parasitized by a breeder ? :D

Have you ever been cheated by breeders that at the same time used (or still use) your cats, or cats from you, with benefits?

Hve you ever unusefully asked a "friend" to not mate a kitten with unrelihable persons who breed just for self realization?

Have you ever been sayed you gave back  a cat in bad conditions just because the same cat had already finished to lactate kittens?

Have you ever been sayed that you are doing your carere of judge not onestly from people that at compulsory judge seminars have a stroll?

Have you ever halped a breeder to get a kitten from a breeder friend and than been cheated for the opposite?

Have you ever been asked of a beautiful kitten in order to find a way to become the boyfriend of one judge!!?

Have you ever been cheated by a breeder because a second breeder that has a cat from you, makes personal decision on it?

Have you ever been stolen of a kitten given to you in coownership before having the possibility of using him?

Have you ever given a cat to a breeder for free, in order to get something back, and than you got nothing?

Have you ever dealed with breeders that says you have promised something you have never promised?

Have you ever been cheated like a nevrotic because you see faults where actually are?

Have you dealed with breeders that consider your contract rules like toilet paper?

Have you ever been stolen of a mating (or more than one) from ragaMUFFINS?

Have you ever been told so many lies that you need an overdose of antiemetics?

Have you ever been cheated by breeders that knows really nothing about you?

Have you ever been cheated by breeders that says you are  a friend?

Have you ever been stolen of your first choice of a mating?


IF SO.... !!

....feel free to download the  "parasitic breeder BEWARE "  banner and put it on your website for every breeder who has parasitized you! :))

You can either decide  to link the banner to each parasite (...) , or simply to send it as a "gift" to the same person. :)

OLTREMARE cattery at the moment collected 14 banners!! :D

(and if you suffered other forms of parasitic situations... feel free to contact me to update the list! :D )


If you think you have once parasitized this cattery, and at least created a damage to me, enter the site:


 a sample.....

Nazgul D'Oltremare

Born 30/05/07 in happiness and health, offered at 3 months of age, trusting a cohoperation. Taken by the new owner, waisting all the time possible, when the cat was 8 months with little reguards of the fact that a cat is less adactable at an older age.

Died 11/1/09 of pneumonia at freezeing temperatures and starvation, after having spent months first horrified behind a washing machine, second inside a atlas pet carrier... so "bad and ill" that was either used for a mating where kittens occurred. Same similar destiny for many cats of other breeders.

I have no big interest to reply to much at brainless considerations, well supported by very well known 20 years of "breeding" activity, from wich we hardly see two generation of cats... and by the good sight and good smell of people I know that perfectly understand what is the meaning of health, cleaness and proper conditions.

Dear madame Shrek,

Winter is coming!

I hope you asked to Santa Klaus in your upcoming Christmas letter to provide you of some gasoline  to heat properly your home....

differently you can ask to all your fantastic "witness frinds" to collect some money for you...

....but 6th of January can be to late for your cats!

You were very silly in thinking that the  -parasitic breeders- phrase:

"Have you ever given a cat to a breeder for free, in order to get something back, and than you got nothing?"

was something concerning you...  it's not the case... since I personally told you to consider Naz, after his death, a sort of gift! ... and belive why I was not interested in getting something from your home!

Once I preferred to say nothing.... but thanks right now, for being   so clever to halp me  yourself  to notice all people (on your own site) how far we are from each other!

Again my dear Naz, sorry for letting you go... for sure this has been the biggest mystake I've done in almost 10 years of breeding activity. I remember you as the most clever cat, ready to jump on shoulders at any time.

Thanks to the kind considerations and support recived from so many people abroad.