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My name is Simone Caratozzolo, I'm 33 year old and I was born in North Italy in Milano city.

I practice Yoga since I was 16 year old and work as a yoga teacher since some years, I'm also a painter and after an experience of work for an Hotel group I kept the decision to start an activity on my own: that's why I moved from North Italy to Center, in order to start a particular B&B activity not so far from Urbino city; particular because  not only for turism purpose, but also connected with Yoga, arts in general, and of course animals... cats in particular!

All my life was involved with any kinds of animals, since I've been a breeder of birds, small mamals, any sort of reptiles and insects, but my love for  Oriental and Siamese cats began when I was almost 12 years old, simply looking at an article present on the italian magazine "Argos" in wich were presented tabby oriental and foreign white siameses that immediately captured my love and actention for their incredible elegance and "panter look", so different from other races involved in giving  a "soft" and "tender"  image; nothing in those siameses were like a "Trudy"!!  In particular the strike was for a tabby oriental with deep green eyes and a super profile, with that particular "reverse shape"  without stop, that I immediately noticed to be similar to the one of the selvatic big felines.

Just in 2001 when I moved from my parents home, arrived  Esedra, my first black tortie blotched female!

At that time I was looking for a blotched tabby cat that could remind to me the one of the past "strike" when I was a child, and I was very lucky to get the only blothced kitten and blotched line present in Italy at that moment; so blotched was at first, and still is, my favourite kind of tabby in Oriental cats, and is the goal for  some of my future litters! I've to say "silent goal"...

... because it's still so difficult to get a typeful cat with a great blotched pattern at the same time, and I've to say that I find the work on the type more important for the moment.

At the time of the arrival of Esedra I was involved with the work in the Hotel group, and living alone and working more than 8 hours a day was impossible to think about  a breeding project concerning time to dedicate to kittens and litters! But for almost three years was possible to study everithing I could  about the race: pedigrees, web pages, expositions, opinions of breeders from everywhere. It was  very halpfull to have the time to look at the good results of other breeders together with the mystakes that everyone do in order to keep future important decisions.

After changing work I decided to breed  and select in every sence these beautiful cats and   started to look  for kittens  from top  European catteries to improve  italian bloodlines and start a new selection.

The name of the prefix "D'Oltremare" was quite easy for me to choose, since ultramarine blue is maybe my favourite colour, the one I mostly use while painting and at the same  the perfect eyes colour for a siamese cat!

My eyes where concentrated on catteries that were dealing with a not to much big number of cats but with kittens that were the result of many years of breeding, not caring very much about the colour or if a siamese or an oriental.  I had in my mind my personal standard to follow and besides this, I also tryed to get bloodlines far form the ones already present in Italy.  I find it's very silly to contact all the same breeders in order to get the same lines to work with; it's a sort of childish jelousy unfortunately very typicall of many people and is a choice that leads to depauper the race in terms of genetic pool. For the same motivation I try to not sell brothers or to much related kittens in the same country.

I was (and still I'm) scared about the fact that, looking at the pedigrees of  the cats around , the blodlines to work with were at least very few, and some already with to much in-, or line-breeding; that's why the cats I started to buy where the "experiiment" results of outcross of  bloodlines direclty done by the breeders contacted.

Maybe this choice does not permit to get a large numebr of very good kittens in every litter, but hopefully will halp to get cats with good health and with a strong constitution.

I belive that is very important to have in mind a personal "ideal siamese" in terms of type, this halped me very much  in keeping decisions that at least have proven to give concrete results; at the moment, we can see many extremelly typeful cats very different from each other and I've to say that not all the extremes are in my taste.

My goal is a elegant but big cat, long, tubular but muscular and "heavy". The head must be in armonic shape and proportions with the body, wih a very hight and round top that follows in a streight long profile. Many breeders looks for "banana" profiles, also great and amazing, but I really much prefer streight ones, typicall of many english bloodlines. Usually a streight profile allows to have a good chin, a very important thing  for a general "lion" look; while with "banana" is very often possible to see "shark" chin-less look that I really don't like !

I like deep slender almond shaped eyes but since in my cattery occurred cats with a  to much extreme look in this terms, I must consider more open eyes with a correct shape in order to avoid entropium problems.

Ears can always be more big, more low and more large at base! ...but I think there will be a limit... and that limit will be the moment in wich our kittens will not be able , as adults to stretch the folded ears completely! I think noone would like to make  siamese cats looking like a dog with folded ears!

I've been lucky to see quite soon the good result of my work and choices, since from Koosje van Tutte's Controversy, a great seal tabby point boy (that is a wise mix of bloodlines from Sweden  and the Netherlands)  mated together with a A Lang Thai's Zeudi Araya, Bua Lung Fidji and other females from friends catteries, I was able  since now to get more than 10 kittens that proven to be top quality show subjects.

In particular the biggest aword (and I have to say satisfaction for a breeder!) was the World Winner title obtained in 6/10 month category by "Michelangelo D'Oltremare" at Maasticht World Show 2006, and the confirmation in adult class the year after at Bratislava World Show with a secon WW title

I have to say that I have felt the same emotion before... when Michelangelo's helder brother, Luxor D'Oltremare, was proclamed 3/6 months World Winner in Biella, but it was  a mistake of just one vote done by the speacker..... so Luxor has the primate of the shortest WW careere in the cat fancy...! an heartbreaking experience...

At the moment I think it's very important to do a work wise enought to get harmonic proportions in extreme cats, and it's not easy!  Between my cats, I see this harmony in Siau Tsj'oe Naughty Tortie, there are no defects in her in my taste thow I have cats that at first sight could be considered more extreme; she is in my opinion like the "Vitruvian cat" besides the fact that one can prefer a modern top model or not! :)    and she's a cat, also for the perfect temperament, I will never separate from. Naughty will be soon the biggest protagonist of an article dedicated to siamese cats on "Argos", the same magazine that so many years ago has at least changed my life.

Internet has halped everyone  to be  able to get the best kittens and famous bloodlines from everywhere, so it's now possible to see more and more very beautiful kittens coming out from many catteries, but the winning one  necessarily are going to be the most complete ones... low ears are no more enough.

The bad side of internet activity is the result  that we all have at least  the same cats from the most famous lines and noone  have an exclusive bloodline anymore. I'm worried that once this can create problems to the race in terms of health and longevity.

I find cooperation essential in my breeding activity, and same importance is the trust  and friendship relation that can occurr between serious breeders.

Getting many world show nomination and  3 world winner titles in very few years, together with a good success in national expositions has been for me like giving meat to carnivorous fishes... and it's a pity, because I truly belive in sharing the good cats I try to obtain in order to imporve the race, in particular in Italy, where siamese breeders with a concrete program of selection are still very few, and where the true mothern siamese is very little known or understood by the biggest part of the people.

I will never  see my cats as winning objects to use in order to get pubblic personal satisfaction, or to collectionate tin cups and ribbons on a shelf... this can permit  me to not be jealouse but at the same time to look very much where my cats go, both for matings or as kittens in a new home.

A breeder that asks for a beautiful kitten is in my opinion more than welcome to get what he's looking for, so it's very important for me that a breeder or a private is happy  with a kittens taken from me. I'm used to show the do and don't of my cats and never say that a kitten is "perfection" or near it. Breeding activity is not a work from wich I have to mantein myself and  if I intended cats to get money I should choose a different race!!

Siameses are difficult cats to breed and rearing kittens to adulthood is something that needs experience, strenght and night and day time to dedicate. In my cattery I'm trying to select with female that are able to give birth to kittens with little halp and that displays a correct mother behaviour. Not all the cats I dealed with had this behaviour and that's why I recently very often choose to use females maybe less extreme in type than others but with a perfect mother attitude in every sence. Breeding cats must be for me a joy, and it's not like that when you wait your females to go out from the vet with a C section, with very few kittens survived to hand rear and the thoungt that your cat wil probably not be able anymore to have kittens... and if so, very probably with another operation. This is a way to  force selection.

All the cats live with me as members of the family, have the run of the house and sleep in  beds at night!  Of course they don't live all together since adult males with "spry attitude" cannot live in a bedroom!

Since the beginning of 2008 I'm cohoperating as a vice president fot the JOBS club, the "storical" siamese and oriental club in Italy, and together with the president Roberto Reguzzoni  and the halp of very active and friend breeders, we are all giving our best to improve in the right direction the selction, the quality and the actention for the race.

In the same year I've started  a cohoperation  as a supervisor and "talent scout" with "Gruppo Editoriale Castel Negrino", an editor involved in the pubblication of  a series of books concerning all the races recognized in the cats fancy.

Since 2009 I started the procedure to become  a FIFe international judge for cats of cathegory 4 and 2, and I'm also working as a secretary for my FIFe club ZO Senec "Club Italia".

All  cats of my cattery are FIV, FeLV tested and regularly checked by vets.  Please take the time to go through the pages of my site, and please, don’t forget to sign the GuestBook   to give  your  impressions!

 Cattery D'Oltremare since now has exported kittens for expo, reproduction or pets in Italy, Swiss, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden, Israel, Hungheria, Argentina, Ohio, California and Poland!