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"D'Oltremare" is extremely happy and proud to be a FIFe member of  ZO Senec "Club Italia" !

World Winner '06-'07  SC Michelangelo D'Oltremare JW

33 times Best in Show of wich 19 Best of Best 1°!

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Sandvretens Geronimo (Luxor D'Oltremare x Sandvretens Top Secret) coming soon!


Carmiel Petit Paola arrived today! Thanks so much Betti for trusting me again with a so fabulous girl! We will have great care in continuing your super work!


Since I've started the studend judge procedure to become a FIFe judge, my cattery will gradually deal with a bit smaller selected number of breeding cats and a smaller number of kittens available for at least a couple of years. So if you are interested in a kitten from my line contact also Ori x' Sias, Daisychain, Tati's and Sultan Chan catteries, since we have a strong breeding cooperation.



Ettore D'Oltremare becoming big boy! :D


- World Show S. Gallen 2009 -

Biv - World Winner Otello D'Oltremare JW !!!!

WW '06-'07 GIC Michelangelo D'Oltremare JW is now Suprem Champion!

look at "world show" section


Tamàs Foldi pics of Oltremare cats!


I have to inform all breeders that any eventual kittens born from tha pair Sandvretens Kosmos x  Noodji at Bahanjar are not autorized and will not get any document from SZCH.


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B&B "Terra e Cielo"  open!



Siameses  D'Oltremre are on "Argos" and the first exit of: "Video Enciclopedia del gatto"!


New!! Lia Stein pictures gallery of Oltremare cats


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